Super Bowl A Special Event For Bet Promos

Sportsbooks are pushing parlay promotions in particular as bonus offers
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Ohioans looking at mobile sportsbook apps in advance of the Super Bowl will realize what counterparts in other states have realized the past several years: The operators extend plenty of special offers on the game to try to attract customers.

The operators of the 16 online sportsbooks in the state typically dangle special bonuses to sign up new customers all the time, but during Super Bowl week they also compete with one another through enticements to existing customers. The Super Bowl, after all, is the single biggest sports betting event of the year.

Considering most bets are placed the weekend of the game, more gamblers may be examining the apps over the next couple of days than at any other time of the year.

If they do, they will see that the Philadelphia Eagles are most commonly favored by 1.5 points over the Kansas City Chiefs, with the points total generally listed at over/under 50.5. They will all see plenty of unusual prop bet opportunities that aren’t available during the regular season. And under “promotions” or “boosts” on the various sites, they will see plenty of offers available as of Friday morning that can help bettors overcome the house edge — and even more that are likely to be available by 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

Parlays are the biggest promos

It’s no secret that parlays represent the biggest form of profit for sportsbooks, as plenty of recreational bettors are willing to invest a small sum on a combination of outcomes that could result in a big payout, if successful.

The sportsbooks are recognizing that by orienting plenty of their special Super Bowl offers around parlay betting, including the following:

  • FanDuel offers a bonus bet refund of up to $5 to those placing a “no sweat” same-game parlay of three legs or more (combined odds of 400+) that loses.
  • DraftKings is boosting payouts on successful same-game parlays by a higher amount for each leg included (20% for three legs, 25% for four legs, on up to 100% for 10 legs).
  • Caesars Sportsbook is offering a 100% boost on a same-game parlay with minimum odds of +400 and a maximum wager of $57. It also has a “longshot bonus,” where a minimum bet of $10 on a same-game parlay with minimum odds of +1000 will net at extra $57 in bet credits if successful.
  • BetRivers gives a 50% matching free bet, up to a maximum of $25, for those wagering $10 or more on a single-game parlay at odds of -200 or greater.
  • Barstool Sports, for those trying a five-leg, single-game parlay of $25 or more that loses, will return $5 in bonus betting cash for each leg that is successful.

But wait, there’s more

Special options also abound for those wary of parlays, with plenty more likely to be added by Sunday afternoon. Among those to consider:

  • MVGBet is offering a 57% profit boost for both a pre-game and a live wager, with a maximum wager of $20 and minimum odds of -250.
  • BetRivers has “first touchdown insurance,” in which an unsuccessful bet on a player to score the game’s first TD will get a refund in the form of a matching free bet up to $25 if the player scores at some point later in the game.
  • Barstool Sportsbook has that same insurance for a first-TD scorer who only crosses the goal line later, but with a $10 maximum refund.
  • At Hard Rock Digital, a customer’s volume of $50 or more in total Super Bowl betting nets them free bets — starting at a $10 bonus for volume of $50 or more, on up to $100 for total volume of $1,000.

And then there’s perhaps the silliest special offer of all — and one unlikely to add much to customers’ accounts, though no one would turn up their nose at any free betting funds. FanDuel has its heavily advertised “Kick of Destiny” promotion, in which Rob Gronkowski is to attempt a 25-field goal in a live commercial during the Super Bowl.

FanDuel customers who wager at least $5 in some form before the game will share equally in $10 million from the promotion — and based on current wording, the funds will be provided just “if Gronk kicks,” rather than it being dependent on the former tight end’s kick succeeding.

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