BetMGM Online Sportsbook Ohio Promo Code & Review

For the last decade, Ohio has dominated the sports world with National Championships, NBA Championships, a close call in the 2016 World Series, and the Bengals’ improbable run to the Super Bowl after a 30+ year playoff win drought in 2022. When it comes to sports in the early 21st Century, you cannot tell the whole story without talking about the Buckeye State.

But when it comes to the sports betting world, Ohio is just now entering the conversation. The 7th-largest state in the U.S., Ohio is home to 11 million+ residents, and coupled with its rich sports history, those two stats are the main reason why Ohio is considered a potential top market for legal sports betting. The only thing missing was the legal infrastructure. Finally, on December 8, 2021, the Ohio House and Senate passed H.B. 29, paving the way for legalized sports betting.

Just as the ink was drying on Governor Mike DeWine’s signature, speculation began about which sportsbooks would be the first to set up operations in Ohio. Among those big names mentioned, BetMGM roared to the front. After making inroads within New York and other big market states, there’s no reason Ohioans shouldn’t fall in love with the King of the Sports Betting Jungle. So let’s take the time to get acquainted with BetMGM and all they can offer to Buckeye bettors ahead of the green light from Columbus. After all, while the Lion may be sleeping tonight, you’re going to hear its roar echo from Cincinnati to Akron sooner or later!

BetMGM OH bonus offer

When Ohio’s sports betting industry finally goes live, bettors should expect a flurry of bonus offers heading their way. As we’ve seen in states with potentially mammoth market shares, these welcome bonuses are fantastic ways for users to get more bang for their buck when registering an account. While we don’t know for sure what BetMGM will be offering to new Ohio users, we can wager a guess as to what you can expect based on past welcome offers.

BetMGM OH CodeComing Soon
Welcome BonusRisk-Free Bet up to $1000
OH License PartnerBetMGM Northfield Park
Online LaunchTBA

Risk-free bet up to $1000

Risk-Free bets are a thing of beauty because they work for the user rather than against them. Place your first bet in Ohio, and if it should lose, BetMGM will credit you with a free bet that matches your lost stake up to $1,000. However, if your first bet wins, you’ll be paid out in cash instantly. When BetMGM says “risk-free,” they mean it.

If your first bet is $50 or less, you’ll receive your free bet in one lump sum. If your first bet is above that threshold, BetMGM will payout your bonus in five installments, each one equalling 20% of your wager. Bettors should be aware that free bets often expire within seven days of hitting your account, so you’ll need to use them before you lose them!

When will BetMGM launch in Ohio?

While Columbus is still hammering out the finer details of when and how sportsbooks can begin accepting wagers in Ohio, there’s a silver lining in all of that legislative red tape. The House bill passed through the Ohio House and Senate, and the one eventually signed by Governor DeWine has a clear deadline for the market’s completion by the end of 2022.

That should be music to the ears of prospective Ohio bettors, who may be able to place a bet on the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals’ season opener, or even sooner. Setting the expectation that a market would be up by the end of 2022, Ohio should expect to see legal sports betting at some point during the Summer or Fall. But this timeline depends on just how fast the Ohio state government can set up the infrastructure.

BetMGM’s brand reputation

With a parent company as widely recognized in the casino gaming and sports betting world, as well as Hollywood, it’s easy to see how BetMGM has been able to gain loyal users. With a large selection of markets, intuitive parlay offers and a solid customer service team, BetMGM has been able to capitalize on their parent company’s brand recognition, and not just lean on it.

BetMGM is currently live across the country in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Colorado and even New York, as they begin their campaign to entice new bettors into the fold. With a name and mascot as well-known as MGM’s, it’s no surprise why they’re kings of the online sports betting jungle. After all, Kevin Garnett and Jaime Foxx don’t endorse your product unless it’s top of the line.

Signing up

Signing up and registering an account with BetMGM is easier than ever, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. Ohio’s legal casino gaming age is 21 years old, which holds true for sports betting too. As bettors may also be aware, you will need to be physically located within the boundaries of Ohio to place a wager. You can still view the app from outside of the state, but you will not be able to place a bet.

It should also be mentioned that you do not need to be a permanent resident of Ohio to place a wager with an Ohio sportsbook. If you happen to be passing through when your college team faces off against Ohio State, or perhaps you’re finally getting that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame visit off your bucket list, you can still place a parlay while marveling over Prince’s guitars. But first, you have to register your account.

By clicking on the gold “Register” button on the home screen, you’ll begin the account registration process. Users will be asked for personal information such as first and last name, phone number, address, and social security number (only the last 4 digits). After that, a newly minted account will be ready for a deposit, and players can wager away to their heart’s content. The process takes 5 minutes and is supremely secure, as BetMGM follows industry-standard security protocols when handling sensitive information.

Ease of payouts

As Ohio will soon find out, BetMGM offers customers a wide variety of methods when it comes to funding their accounts and withdrawing their winnings. Depositing money into your account is quick and painless with BetMGM and begins with clicking the gold box labeled “Deposit” next to your account number. And remember, always check for a deposit bonus and other offers that may be hiding in your inbox. BetMGM is known for sending some fun surprises to customers. Here are some deposit methods BetMGM has accepted in other states:

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Online Banking
  • PayPal
  • eCheck
  • Play+ Card
  • BetMGM Gift Card
  • Cash at a Hotel Kiosk/Casino Cage
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Skrill

BetMGM typically requires a minimum deposit of $10, but this number can vary from method to method, and players should always research their chosen banking methods. Deposits are normally processed instantaneously, but this can also vary from method to method. Much like other online sportsbooks, there are fewer withdrawal options, which may force some players to choose a different method to retrieve their winnings. Here’s a look at a handful of potential withdrawal methods BetMGM offers:

  • eCheck
  • Play+ Card
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Cash at a Hotel Kiosk/Casino Cage
  • Check by Mail
  • Online Banking

Desktop and mobile app overview

When the average sports fan thinks about online sports betting, the inclination is to believe that all sportsbooks operate via mobile apps. That’s half true, as sportsbooks also offer desktop interfaces, BetMGM being one of those sportsbooks. However, where BetMGM breaks from the norm, offering a better betting experience on a computer than on a mobile device.

Ohio mobile app

BetMGM Mobile View

While a fantastic mobile app should be a sportsbook’s crown jewel, the unfortunate truth is that BetMGM’s app is seriously lagging behind the rest of the industry. There are a few hidden gems like the in-game stats and Gametime view, but besides a few bells and whistles, the app disappoints. At times it feels like BetMGM hastily uploaded the web browser version of the site into a quickly coded app, as the mobile interface feels clunky and slow. All in all, if there’s one aspect of their operation that desperately needs an upgrade and some TLC, it’s the mobile interface.

Desktop interface

BetMGM Desktop View

For all the faults of the mobile app, the desktop interface makes up for them with a clean design, simple navigation, and a control center feel that puts you in control of your gaming experience. With every sport laid out in front of you, a responsive bet slip, and a clearly marked promotions page, the desktop experience is fantastic. Seriously, if you are a mobile sports betting enthusiast, who refuses to use a desktop interface, we implore you to check out BetMGM’s site. We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised and maybe even converted.

Security of sports betting in Ohio

Along with the acceleration of sports betting across the country, new users and legislators have voiced concerns about the security and safety of your personal information and finances. Before 2018, the only online sportsbooks were offshore websites that didn’t offer customers a complete feeling of security. However, now that states are taking the reins, sports bettors can breathe easy, knowing their safety and security are paramount.

BetMGM utilizes SSL protection, or Secure Socket Layer, to secure their site. Using an SSL to keep personal information safe is industry standard, not just in the world of sports betting but also in the financial sector. But, if you feel there’s an issue with the security of your account, don’t hesitate to reach out to BetMGM, and they’ll be able to help.

Another layer of security comes in the form of Ohio’s regulatory oversight, in this case, the Ohio Casino Control Commission. That means the OCCC is keeping a close eye on the operations of BetMGM and is ensuring that they stay within the legal guidelines. Don’t worry about a thing; the OCCC has your back.

And the last level of security is BetMGM’s Ohio casino partner, MGM Northfield Park. As we’ve seen in other states, Ohio’s legislation requires an online sportsbook to be tethered to a retail, brick-and-mortar casino within the state. In this instance, BetMGM’s Northfield Park location is that entity. That means that the casino will back your wagers, and there’s no need to worry about any kind of financial issue since the casino supports the sportsbook. You should feel as safe and secure as you would with a bet placed in a retail sportsbook.

Available markets and bet types

You don’t get to be a big name in the sports betting world without offering some of the industry’s premier markets and bet types. As the Ohio market begins to shape up, you’ll see just how important it is for a sportsbook to offer a wide variety of markets and a tasty selection of bet types. Thankfully, BetMGM sticks the landing on both counts.

BetMGM headlines their betting markets with heavy hitters, offering competitive lines and boosts for the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL. In the college world, BetMGM offers markets in collegiate athletics, which is music to the ears of many Ohioans. However, it remains to be seen if the state will allow wagering on collegiate sporting events involving Ohio-based schools or events taking place in Ohio. More or that as it develops, but in the meantime, here’s a smattering of the betting markets BetMGM has offered in other states:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Formula 1 Racing
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • MMA
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Pool
  • Snooker
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union

So now that you’ve found your market and you’re ready to place a wager. What kind of wager are you going to place? A moneyline bet on the Blue Jackets? How about the Cavaliers -4 against LeBron and the Lakers? Or maybe you’re got a good feeling about the Guardians this season and want to place a wager in the offseason that they’ll win the World Series? BetMGM has you covered by offering a myriad of ways for you to go with your gut and place the bet your heart desires.


One of the most straightforward wagers you can make, a moneyline bet is a wager placed on one team to win a game. That’s it. Got a good feeling about the Reds game tonight? Pick a winner and roll with it. Have you been watching the Akron Zips, and you know they’ve got Toledo beat in tonight’s game? Simply pick a team and place your bet. It’s as simple as that!

Point spread

This is where things get interesting. A point spread bet is similar to a moneyline bet, but the wager has a few more moving components. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

To put it in layman’s terms, BetMGM will offer a point differential between the two teams in a contest. If the team you’re going to wager on to win has a minus (-) ahead of their point spread, that means they’re the favorite and will need to win the game by at least that many points. If the team you intended to place your bet on has a plus (+) ahead of their point spread, they are the underdog, which means you’d be betting that they win the game OR lose by less than the number of points given. Here’s an example.

The Cleveland Browns are facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are favored at -7.5, and the Browns are offered at +7.5. If you were to bet on the Bengals, you would need the Bengals to win and for the winning margin to be 8 points or more. So if Joe Burrow leads the Bengals to a 27-20 victory, your bet would fall just outside of the point spread, resulting in a loss. If they won 28-20, they would cover the 7.5 – resulting in a win.

However, if you bet on the Browns at +7.5 and the game ends 27-20, your wager would be successful! Why? Because you wagered on the Browns to win the game OR lose by less than 8 points. Since the game ended with a 7-point difference, the Browns have covered the spread!

Total points (over/under)

While moneyline wagers and point spread bets deal with the winner and loser of the game, total points wagers consider the entire game. As the name may have tipped you off, a total points wager is placed on the total number of points scored in a game, in the form of wagering if the total with equal a number over or under a set amount.

In that same game between the Browns and Bengals, our score was 27-20, ending the game with a total of 47 points. If the over/under line was set at 46.5, and we bet the over, we’re in the money! However, if we bet the under at 46.5, our bet will settle worthless. Over/unders are a fun way to add onto a moneyline or point spread bet, as they can add some excitement to a blowout win or make a tense down-to-the-wire battle even more heart attack worthy.

Prop bets

Those bettors looking for more excitement beyond game outcomes and Over/Under will love prop bets. Commonly referred to as a side bet, these types of wagers are placed upon a specific event happening or not happening. Sounds simple enough, right? That’s because prop bets can be as simple or complicated as you choose. Think Baker Mayfield is going to throw for 300+ yards on Sunday? There’s a prop bet for that. Got a good feeling that Shane Bieber’s going to strike out 13 Yankees when they play the Guardians? There’s a prop bet for that. Are you a weather fanatic? Are you sure the Reds game is going to have a rain delay? Believe it or not, there’s a prop bet for that, too.

Prop bets can be a fun way to hop into the action for newer bettors. Prop bets can be simple “this or that” type bets. Will Kevin Love snag 10+ rebounds tonight? Pick a side and place your bet. Will Joe Mixon score a touchdown on Sunday, or even better, the very first touchdown of the game? All you need to place a prop bet is a whim, a feeling, and a wager. It’s as simple as that.

Live betting

Most bettors are familiar with the idea of placing a bet ahead of an event’s start or before the call to post of a horse race, but online sports betting doesn’t stop there. Live betting is one of the most innovative aspects of online sports wagering and is truly a gamechanger within the industry. Being able to place an in-the-moment wager or a mid-game bet wasn’t an option made readily available to bettors. Now, in the advent of the digital sports betting world, live betting puts you right in the middle of the action.

Let’s say you’re at a Reds game, and Jonathan India steps into the box; you can now bet on each pitch as to whether or not he’ll get a hit or even a home run. If you’re cheering on the Blue Jackets and they end the second period down by two goals, but you know they can pull off the upset, you can place an in-game moneyline bet.

Live betting is one of the best features of mobile sports betting and has changed the game in more ways than one.

Parlay bets

Let’s say you’re heading to Progressive Field to see the Guardians play, and you’ve got an excellent feeling about Shane Bieber striking out 13, as well as José Ramirez hitting a home run. On top of all that, you’re sure that the Guardians are going to take down the Royals. If you place all of those bets separately, you may find yourself in the money, but your winnings can grow exponentially if you combine these three bets into a parlay.

A parlay bet is a wager containing multiple straight bets that multiply a wager’s payout. The difference between a straight bet and a parlay is the combination and reliance of the other bets. If the Guardians win, and Bieber strikes out 14, but Ramirez kept his hits inside the park, two of your three bets would payout, but the Ramirez bet fails. In a parlay, because each leg is dependent on the other, if one fails, then the entire parlay also fails.


Did you know that if you placed a $100 bet in May of 2021 for the Cincinnati Bengals to win the 2022 Super Bowl, you could have won $10,000 if they won it all? That’s a futures bet. Also known as an outright bet, a futures wager is placed on a long-term outcome, such as World Series winner, Super Bowl winner, and even league MVPs and other Awards.

Promotions & loyalty program

While the app may not impress seasoned bettors, the promotions that BetMGM offers absolutely will surprise and delight. With promotions that range from odds boosts to parlay insurance, BetMGM knows that keeping bettors coming back for more exciting opportunities is a big part of the game. Promotions sent directly to your inbox can vary from odds boosts, parlay insurance, and even the occasional deposit match for existing players. There’s no other sportsbook that regards their users as frequently as BetMGM. Promotions you can look forward to with BetMGM Ohio include, but are not limited to:

  • The Monday Money Club: If you placed $50 worth of wagers last week, congratulations! You’re now a member of the Monday Money Club, which now makes you eligible to receive a free $10 bet each Monday. The only thing you need to remain eligible is to continue wagering $50 each week on bets with minimum odds of -300 or greater.
  • Risk-free bets: Like the welcome offer listed above, a risk-free bet is one that BetMGM matches if the wager is unsuccessful.
  • Parlay insurance: Lose one leg, and get a portion of your bet back in free bets. This promo usually comes with a parlay leg requirement.
  • And more!

To say that BetMGM has a loyalty program is half-true. While there is no sportsbook-specific loyalty program, registered accounts are connected to an MGM Rewards account, the loyalty program for MGM casinos. Some bettors who frequent MGM’s retail locations will be able to benefit from their proximity, while this choice leaves others out in the cold. In the future, should BetMGM decide to create a sportsbook-specific loyalty program in Ohio, we’ll let you know.


Should something go wrong while using BetMGM’s Ohio service, around-the-clock support is available. Offering e-mail support, a customer service phone line, and a live chat function on the app, BetMGM is here to help should an issue arise. If you require assistance, you can reach a customer support representative by one of these methods:

  • Phone Number: 1-609-248-9531
  • E-mail:
  • Live Chat: Select ‘Help & Support’ at the top of your app or browser

On top of those customer service options, BetMGM has also crafted a solid FAQ section for bettors who are more self-sufficient. Selecting “Help & Contact” at the top of the homepage will take you to the list of topics, questions, and helpful solutions.


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