Ohio Casino Control Commission Releases Updated FAQs On Sports Gaming Inquiries

OCCC releases updated FAQs on sports gaming inquiries.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has released updated FAQs for common sports gaming inquiries.

The update of the commission’s website includes questions related to the sports gaming lottery and the status of the commission’s rules. The updates are divided into five sections: General Questions; Advertising, Marketing, and User Recruitment; Partnerships; Sports Gaming Lottery (Type-C Sports Gaming); and Taxation. 

Gov. Mike DeWine on Dec. 22 signed HB 29, which legalized sports betting in Ohio. Currently, the commission is in the first few months developing regulations to cover sports betting, which the law states must be launched by Jan. 1, 2023.

Still in development stages

Perhaps the most significant question-and-answer added to the list of FAQs is the final one in the General Questions section.

When will the Commission release all its sports gaming rules? The FAQ answer basically states that the commission has sent out all rules (in five batches) that it plans to adopt for the initial implementation of sports gaming. It also notes that the commission does not plan to add any additional rules unless they’re considered needed to comply with “statute or remediate immediate integrity issues.”

Another addition in the General Questions section includes a question-and-answer concerning “the process for the Commission to adopt rules (in) Ohio.” The answer states that the entire process to adopt rules “takes 5-6 months from the time in which rules are filed with the CSI (Common Sense Initiative).” It also states that the timetable for the process of adopting rules can vary, and there’s no limit to the length of the time required.

Identifying calls for help

In the Advertising, Marketing, and User Recruitment section, it’s noted that sports gaming advertising and marketing appearing in Ohio should contain either the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-589-9966) or the National Council on Problem Gambling’s Helpline (1-800-522-4700).

The update in the Partnerships section basically states that HB 29 does not allow for Type-C gaming proprietors to offer sports betting through unlicensed providers.

The update in the Sports Gaming Lottery (Type-C Sports Gaming) section states that lottery sports gaming will be governed by the rules of the Ohio Lottery Commission, not the Ohio Casino Control Commission. 

In the Taxations section, it’s explained that all taxation-related concerns should be directed to the Ohio Department of Taxation.   

The OCCC plans to provide updates with additional information throughout the implementation process. The commission’s sports gaming rule implementation update chart is adjusted following each commission meeting to provide the status of different regulations.


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