Casino Commission Seeks More Comments On Second Batch Of Sports Gaming Rules

Ohio Casino Control Commission is looking for additional public input on various aspects of the eventual sports betting industry.
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The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) is seeking a second round of comments from stakeholders on its second batch of sports gaming rules.

The OCCC is also open to hearing stakeholder comments on draft applications on matters concerning sports betting implementation.

These represent the latest steps by the OCCC to move closer to the day when the state can actively offer sports betting. There’s still plenty to be done by OCCC Executive Director Matt Schuler and his staff before Ohio residents will be able to place a sports bet inside the state’s borders. The law states that legal sports wagering must be launched by Jan. 1, 2023.

As for sports wagering rules of operation, they are being proposed publicly in batches based on subject matter. Stakeholders have the chance to review and comment on rules twice before the formal statutory process begins. The sports gaming rules being presented for a second round of comment this week concern general licensing requirements, Type-A and Type-B proprietor licensing, services provider licensing, general wagering provisions, and equipment.

OCCC awaits comments

The proposed versions of those rules are available for anyone to review. Anyone interested in providing written comments about the rules may send them by email to [email protected] by Feb. 25.

There are other opportunities to comment on rules, but it’s considered significantly easier and faster for the OCCC and stakeholders to work out any concerns before the rules begin the formal process with the state’s Common Sense Initiative Office.

The OCCC is also seeking comments concerning sports gaming implementation on the Type-C  sports gaming host application. The rest of the applications are still being drafted, according to the OCCC. Written comments concerning draft applications relating to sports gaming implementation should be emailed by Feb. 22.

The OCCC has rolled out three batches of rules since last month. The steps to complete the rules are expected to take between five to six months, and applications for sports betting licenses are not expected to be available until late summer or fall.

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