BetSkybox Looking To Provide Ohio Clients A ‘Mini Sportsbook’ Atmosphere

Las Vegas-based kiosk provider looking to become a fixture in Ohio sports betting
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BetSkybox isn’t a new business.

It’s existed for 20 years.

Ohio, on the other hand, is new territory that BetSkybox President and CEO Ron Frederickson is looking forward to moving into as the Buckeye State prepares to launch the mobile sports betting business at the start of 2023.

Frederickson believes his Las Vegas-based kiosk business can fit well in the heart of the Midwest, where sports are a way of life for many. Of course, Frederickson understands that Ohio’s population tops 11 million, making it the seventh-largest state and one that could be a top five market among legal betting states.

“It’s a huge market with seven professional teams, great college teams,” Frederickson told OH Bets. “It’s a great market.”

Moving into the Buckeye State

BetSkybox is one of many companies involved in the gaming industry that are based outside the state but looking to expand their business into Ohio by Jan. 1. 2023. Ohio Casino Control Commission Executive Director Matt Schuler announced this month that sports betting in Ohio will start when the ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Day.

The commission has been busy working for the past eight months to prepare the sports betting launch, and its second installment window for submission of sports betting license applications ended on Monday. The OCCC is in the process of reviewing more than 1,000 license applications submitted by BetSkybox and others.

BetSkybox submitted an application for a Type C sports gaming license. Frederickson’s business is looking to install and manage sports betting kiosks in sports bars and restaurants across the state. While he’s yet to receive licensing approval, he’s already working on having an office in Columbus with a showroom of products that BetSkybox will offer to potential clients.

Building with local talent

Besides sports betting kiosks, BetSkybox offers clients betting boards, signage stickers, and odds boards. Frederickson said his business helps to provide clients with products that “create a mini sportsbook” atmosphere at their establishments.

Frederickson said he’s looking to build his staff of service technicians, general managers, and telephone helpline assistants with Ohio residents.

“As part of our economic development, everybody that we hire will be from Ohio,” he said.

Among the concerns that some stakeholders have expressed about the universal launch date is whether companies like BetSkybox will have enough time to put sports betting kiosks in bars and restaurants by the Jan. 1 start date. Frederickson expects to fulfill all of BetSkybox’s orders in time for the launch date because he’s looking “to attract a limited number of clients.”

Even after being in business in Las Vegas for two decades, Frederickson still approaches work like someone just starting out for the first time. He intends to personally meet with and talk to each client in Ohio.

“We’re looking for great partners and friends, and it’ll be a long-term relationship,” he said.

While waiting to hear from the commission on its license application, the BetSkybox team has already been reaching out to clients. They’re expecting BetSkybox to be active and working throughout out the state when the time comes to take part in the universal launch date.

“We already have a list of people” from Ohio businesses interested in a partnership, Frederickson said. “We expect to have our share of the market. People like our story.”

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